LifeProof Multipurpose Mount with Quickmount - Black

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iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, iPhone X, iPhone 8+ Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7+ Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6+/6S+ Plus, iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE, iPhone 4/4S, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7/S8/S8+, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL

From the window to the wall, the LifeActiv Multipurpose Mount with QuickMount creates a stable platform for parking your smartphone on practically any flat surface. If there’s a flat surface, the Multipurpose Mount is sure to secure. Post it in the workbench to review your vert ramp blueprints. Add it in the kitchen backsplash to follow your recipes. Connect it to the bathroom mirror to rock your shower soundtrack. It works where you want it.

Hands off. Eyes on.

Go hands free - literally. The Multipurpose Mount with Quickmount holds your device steady on walls, windows, and wherever else you want it

Mount up

The universal iPhone mount gives you two install methods: stick it on with the pre-applied 3M adhesive or screw it down with the included hardware

Fast, adjustable fit

The LifeActiv Multipurpose Mount with Quickmount - Black is part of the QuickMount line of LifeActiv accessories, so it works with any QuickMount Adaptor-equipped phone. The QuickMount Adaptor pops in with a quick click and releases with a simple twist. And, you can rotate between portrait and landscape views to get the right angle for your apps

Features :

  • Mounts you smartphone to almost any flat surface
  • Attaches to walls, mirrors,dashboards,desks and toolboxes
  • Perfect in workshops, kitchens,bathrooms and offices
  • Installs with industrial-strength adhesive or the included screws
  • Switch between portrait or landscape positions
  • Universal smartphone mount works with LifeProof cases and many other cases
  • QuickMount Adaptor included for fast and easy mount and dismount
Product Dimensions:
44.45 x 44.45 x 10.16 mm
Product Weight:
31.19 g
Packaging Weight:
181.19 g